Activating driver with Mac Pro it’s not working any ideas

My driver won’t load on Mac Pro any help plese

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what version of mac software are you running?

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If this is related to Easel, over on their FAQ page about compatibility they identify that there are certain M1 chipsets on certain Macs that it is not compatible with.
It’s possible that this is the issue you are seeing.

I would call inventables Monday morning if youre not able to get it up and running this weekend…

I’ve gone down the windows path now still hope for the mac I’ll get it updated

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Another option if your mac is incompatible is to use easel to design. Then save the gcode and use a different gcode sender (OpenBuilds Contol has a mac version) to send the gcode file to the cnc.

Thanks mate I’ll keep you posted yes you might be right there I’ll keep you informed

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Couple other things that need to be looked at:

Which driver are you talking about, the Easel Local Driver, or the CH340 driver to talk to the machine?

A repeat - which version of MacOS are you running, as that can make a significant difference in how the drivers operate.
MacOS High Sierra or earlier needs a modified CH340 driver to operate, while versions Mojave or higher have native support in the OS. The exception is Big Sur, which seems to have some conflicts related to how it handles the USB Serial devices…common complaint in the Mac world.

Just need to make sure we get all the info out there that we can, so we can better assist you!

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