6550 laser not firing

Hello all, a month or so ago I ordered a 3018 with 40w laser and loved it! So much so that I ordered a 6550 frame kit which included everything except the laser module… I took the laser off the 3018 and moved it to the 6550, now the laser won’t fire at all. I’m using lightburn and tried manually firing laser with the fire laser button, no luck… I tried running a test project and the x axis and Y axis both move as they should but the laser doesn’t fire… the blue led is lit on the top of the laser, it just doesn’t fire… any ideas why this is happening? I did install the driver again not realizing initially that it wasn’t different than the one already installed, so I’m not sure if that affected it or not, I did get a “driver installed successfully” message when I installed it. Please help.

Quick check - which laser cable did you use?

The laser harness used on the 3018 has the black and yellow wires swapped at one end, while the 6550 cable is the same wire order at both ends.

That would cause what you are seeing

Ok so they didn’t send me a new cable so I’m using the original… does it matter which end? Can I just de- pin, swap and re-insert them to fix it?

Oh and I forgot to mention the fan does not run either…

Was your problem resolved from the user group?

Not yet, I found the correct long wire for the 6550, now the problem that I have is the laser stays on and won’t shut off, it just stays on until I push the power button on top of the laser or until I unplug the usb cord… there is a red light on the control board with the letters “POW” next to it… it is on any time the USB cord is plugged in, whether or not light burn is open…

It shouldn’t be sending a signal to fire, that is odd. Unless a program tells it. Send an email to support@yorahome.com

I sent them a message over the weekend but I’m guessing they won’t get back to me until normal business hours