6550 and 42 stepper motor

Will the 6550 support a 4 wire 42 stepper motor? Looking at the xTool RA2 Pro and so far liking what I see.

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The NEMA 17 motors supplied with the 6550 have a mounting face that is 1.7" square (that’s where the numbering comes from), and draw about 1.5 Amps.

A NEMA 42 motor has a mounting face that is 4.2" square, and draws around 6 Amps.

So, it’s not going to mount on the 6550 (obviously) - but the current draw will likely be waaaaaay too high for the controller to support.

We are working on an improved rotary that WILL work with the 6550 units - if you missed the live chat with Tony and Shawn in the FB Users Group, may want to check that out.

The OP took “42” from the motor dimension specs which is 42x29mm. 42mm roughly converts to 1.7" :wink: they are nema17s, as for whether they use the same connector and wiring as the 6550 I am unsure. But they should be the same voltage and current draw, although the spec sheet does not call these out specifically. :man_shrugging:

According to the listing, The RA2 comes in “42” or “57” meaning nema17 or nema23 based on swapping an acrylic motor mount plate that they do at the factory apparently creating a dual purpose product.

@Jayhawk714 if you did want to try it out. There are ways shown on youtube for verifying the pinout of the motor, i suggest doing that and ensuring matching pinout before plugging it in. And you could reach out to xtool for the stepper power specs to make sure that they match the 6550s outputs, but likely they do.

Of course this is all at your own risk and likely voids warranties on both products.

Thanks, @SethCNC - I didn’t check out the specifications on the product page, made the assumption that they were referring to NEMA sizing…and we all know what happens with assumptions.

If only standard sizes were used, to make comparisons a little easier - but I guess every company has their preferences.

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I think that naming convention was XTool’s way of copying FoxAlien as they also refer to their rollers as R42 and R56 models oddly enough. Although the FoxAlien ones do actually include the correct Nema version numbers in their listing specs, where as XTool does not for some odd reason.

Oh I should probably clarify too, that I didn’t mean that reply to call you out as being wrong or anything like that. I just happen to also have the Xtool D1 and knew that there was no way they would have tossed a nema42 on their rotary, so I looked into it a bit and presented what all I discovered in my search. :smiley:

Thanks to all who answered to my post. Going to shelf that idea for now. Going to wait and see what Yourahome’s new rotary will be like.

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All good - Just seemed odd to me that they wouldn’t use the industry standard NEMA nomenclature…

Gonna have to try harder than that to hurt my feeling… :laughing:

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