40W laser settings are needed double

Hi Guys sorry to be back but I am having trouble with the YoraHome 40W laser, I had it working fine with my 3018 with settings around 600mm/min speed and 35-40% power for running Norton style painted tile work. But with the Silverback I have to run speed about 150-200 and power about 70-80%. The laser lens is clean, the focus height is as per the aluminium pin that came with the laser originally, the controller box is set to laser, $32=1 and $30=10000 but Lightburn has S=1000 so I haven’t changed that. I have only completed about 10 tiles with sparse text writing and 3 wood projects on the 3018 with the laser…
Any help would be appreciated once again

set your $30 to a 1000 and leave it there. don’t change it back to 10 000 either. You control the spindle speed with the control knob on the controller anyway, not through GRBL commands. That should fix your problem.

Wow Shawn thank you very much, changing to $30=1000 made so much difference. I am now running 800mm/min and 35% power instead of 180 and 80%.
Much appreciated

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Yep - remember that laser power is a function of the $30 and $31 values:

The $30 is what gives 100% power, and $31 is what gives 0% power.

So, generally $31 will always be equal to 0, as you want it to shut off

$30=1000 equates to an S-Max of 1000 sending 100.0% power

Using this same scale, entering an S-Max (or Max power) of 850 (in LaserGRBL - LightBurn uses percent) will result in sending a maximum of 85% power.

You could technically have $30 set to just about anything you want - but since LightBurn defaults to 1000, and that makes sense from a logical standpoint - just leave it.

Some of the Silverback machines shipped with it at 10000, as the manufacturer was trying to match to the spindle speed (which is also irrelevant, as the speed is manually controlled) - so that can add to the confusion.

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Thanks Jim I had just gone with the settings set by YoraHome. But changing to S=1000 really made such a signicant difference to the burn

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