4 diode 20w plus laser

Are there any plans from Yorahome to build a 4 diode 20+ optical diode laser?

We have been looking into it, The reality with these new High power Diodes is that the technology is still very new, And we don’t want to jump out of the gate and offer something that is going to fail pre-maturely, or not work properly. We want to make sure when we offer something, that it will be reliable. We don’t want the End User to recieve something that they won’t be satisfied with. We do currentely have a 80w input 10w optical output diode laser for our 12v systems, and the 6550-PRO that solely uses a 24v 80w input 10w optical output diode. I have both, and can cut 1/4 inch cherry wood (solid wood) not ply, in three passes at about 10in/m. So very reasonable for Diodes.

Thanks for the reply,

I will be very interested when the team work out a 20+ optical. Keep me posted please.

I am down under what is 10in/m in mm/min

I have read don’t do 100% power .

What do you recommend for a max power setting? I use 85% is that to low? On the 6550 pro

Cheers Dale

85% is high for my taste. Even when cutting I dont like going over 75% . And I can cut 1/4in cherry in 3 passes at 10in/m. For engraving i typically dont go over 40% and will engrave at speeds over 100in/m.

Ill take a guess and say your focus isnt correct or the material your trying to cut has a glue that is cut to laser.

One real important thing to check, is the gap between the air assist block and the laser housing itself. Make sure that is 3mm.

I bought my 6550 PRO a few days to early and got stuck with the 40W laser. :unamused: :rage: Will upgrade though to the 80W when my 40 dies.

The 6550 PRO does not have a 40w laser… It only comes with an 80w input 10w optical output laser… The origional 6550 For a time had the 40w as its highest output laser. But we do now offer the 80w for that system.

Sorry, Shawn, your correct. I have two machines and keep getting them confused! :upside_down_face: :thinking: