3D carve issue using Openbuilds G-code sender

Ok, folks, I was starting a 3d carve that would be a wavy Arkansas Flag in the shape of the state. I’ve done a couple of these, but today, I started working on one using a 1.5 in walnut slab a customer sent me. I did a test carve of the design on some mdf just to make sure the design was fine, I designed it in Vectric Aspire, and the others I have done all seemed to be fine. Between the last one and this one, I did swap out the spindle for the router just because the walnut is pretty tough (well seasoned). And I figured the router would handle the carve better. So I swapped out the router for the spindle which shouldn’t have really changed anything. I zeroed everything out and in Openbuilds, I set the feed rate at 65% to start. Just because the initial starting point is a lot of really close carving and to ensure that everything looked good before speeding it up. I let it go about 3-4 minutes to get a nice “open” area carved, and then adjust the feed rate in Openbuilds to 80%…that’s when things went haywire. It started just carving out way deeper than the design calls for, it was hard to see right away due to the dust cover, but its like all the sudden what “depth” it wanted to cut at was changed. What sucks is that this has pretty much ruined the slab the customer sent me because the carve depth is way deeper than I can recover from and still have material left over.

Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this? I’ve changed the feed rates on other carves without issue. At this rate, my entire profit on this job is gonna go up in smoke as I’ll have to replace the slab and still do the the carve. This wasn’t a small slab either 20x20 walnut. How do I determine what caused this and how to prevent it?

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found my issue…looks like the router bit came loose when I change the feed rate. It slipped down a little which caused it to start cutting deeper. I didn’t notice it due to the dust shoe.


So ended up using some epoxy to fix the gouge the router made when the bit slipped to try and salvage the walnut slab. I got the carve done, the issue is a bit glaring and wish I had saved some walnut shavings to put into the epoxy or had a brown tint vs black.