$30 settings using 80w laser module

Looking at the manual which references 400w spindle when mine claims to be 500w I have found both 10000 rpm verses 12000 rpm. When setting up my laser I found references online to set $30=1000, manual says $30=10000, what should the real setting be

The spindle is a 500W now, we just didn’t throw out a few hundred manuals for one change.

The spindle is rated at 12000 RPM, adjustable using the manual control knob only (not controlled by software).

Early models had the $30 value at 10000, as the manufacturer tried to set it to match spindle speed, not understanding how it worked…

The $30 and 31 values work together to determine 0-100% power - if $30 is set to 10000, then a power setting in laser mode of 10000=100.00% power. A power setting of 5000 in laser mode would equal 50.00% power.

Setting the $30 to 1000 will make it align with the default max value in LightBurn, which is set at a “S-Max” of 1000. This will make life easier when looking at tutorials online that have the general settings aligned…

In reality, the $30 value just defines the number of divisions between 0 and 100% - you could set it to a value of 1000000 - but it’s just going to make it more confusing,